High performance. Polyester backing reinforced with glass filaments to hold appliance components during handling. Typical 380/600 lb/inch width tensile strength and rubber adhesive for the most demanding clean removal applications.

Heavy polyester backing is easy to handle and dispense and provides excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture and scuffing. Low stretch under stress. Glass yarn filaments reinforce tape for strength and high impact resistance. Rubber resin adhesive bonds with good initial adhesion and high shear strength. Resists stains on most surfaces. Applications:- Extensive use in the appliance industry to hold doors and interior parts stationary during handling and shipping; metal pipe bundling; metal coil tabbing. Typical Physical Properties:- Low 3% elongation at break to help keep components tightly positioned.- 70 oz/inch adhesion to steel.- Bar codes, type and graphics show through translucent backing.- Widths: 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 72, and 96 mm
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N/A 00021200398742 00021200398759 00021200398766 00021200398773 00021200398780 00021200398797 00021200398803 00021200745751 00021200746741 00021200987137 00021200987199 00021200991707 00021200991721 00021200992872 00051115029752 00051115029936 00051115030307 00051115030390 00051135050897

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N/A Clear

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N/A 39191020106