• 3M™ Highland™ Transparent Tape

    An economy transparent tape with a glossy finish for basic office use. Fits 1-inch core desk dispensers.

    3M™ Utility Grade Light Duty Packaging Tape 5910 is a transparent, hand-tearable film tape designed for general packaging applications. The polypropylene backing material is moisture, chemical and UV resistant.

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    Designed for light duty, non-critical packaging applications.

  • Scotch® Colored Film Tape

    Scotch® Color Coding Tape 690 is a colored tape used for color coding and bag closure. The UPVC backing material is moisture and chemical resistant. The natural rubber adhesive removes cleanly from a wide variety of surfaces.

    This mineral coated, slip resistant material features a highly durable and highly visible surface. Photoluminescent strips help to indicate egress paths during power outages and low light situations.

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    Use Scotch-Brite® Dobie™ Cleaning Pad is the perfect for every job in your home.

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    Clear Paklon™ film tape with rubber resin adhesive. Shrinks after short exposure to 200°F. Designed for a variety of heat shrink applications. Used as a secondary closure, it can provide freshness and product integrity.

  • Scotch® Premium Cellophane Tape

    Scotch® Light Duty Packaging Tape 610 is a transparent film tape designed for use with high Temperature packaging applications. The cellophane backing material offers heat resistance. The natural rubber adhesive boasts high initial bond strength and adheres to a wide variety of materials.

    This mineral coated, slip resistant material features a highly durable and highly visible surface. Low profile design helps reduce trip hazards. PC 2 Adhesive provide extra adhesion for lower energy surfaces.

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    Clear polyester film with high-tack rubber resin adhesive. Moisture and chemical resistance. Specially formulated to adhere well to many hard-to-stick-to surfaces. Provides a tamper-evident closure. Excellent holding properties and outdoor aging.

  • Scotch® Premium Transparent Film Tape

    Scotch® Transparent Tape is the classic, glossy finish tape. A great value for general purpose wrapping, sealing and mending. Clear when applied and does not yellow.

    Scotch® Light Duty Packaging Tape 600 is a transparent film tape designed for L-clip closure, attaching, tabbing and holding. The UPVC backing material is moisture, chemical and UV resistant. The acrylic adhesive is non-staining and removes cleanly from a wide variety of surfaces.

    Premium transparent tape with a glossy, high-clarity finish for multi-purpose use. Excellent holding power. Pulls off the roll smoothly and cuts easily. Long-aging, moisture and stain resistant. Great for label protection and light-duty packaging.

  • Scotch® Transparent Film Tape (605)
  • Scotch® Filament Tape (899)

    Easily identifiable, Scotch® Filament Tape 899 is a red, high-strength tape comprised of a polypropylene backing and a pressure-sensitive rubber resin adhesive. This easy identifiable tape is abrasion and moisture resistant and offers both strong initial adhesion and long-term holding power.

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    Thick polypropylene backing is easy to handle and dispense and provides excellent resistance to nicks, abrasion, moisture and chemicals. Specially formulated hot melt adhesive bonds with high initial adhesion, high shear strength, and excellent long-term adhesion on fiberboard, metals, and printed or painted surfaces. Applications:- Bundling heavy or sharp-edged objects such as metal tubing and rods, or lumber- Tabbing end laps of large metal coils; metal coil banding. Can be custom printed using the Print Seal™ process. Typical Physical Properties:- 15% elongation at break- 80 oz/inch adhesion to steel- Bar codes, type and graphics show through translucent backing- Standard widths: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48 mm

    High performance. Polyester backing reinforced with polyester yarn. Typical 250/270 lb/inch width tensile strength with high cut- and impact resistance for bundling heavy or sharp-edged objects. High shear adhesive with excellent aging.

  • Tartan™ Filament Tape (8930)

    Super strong and moisture resistant. Self-Sealing. Extremely lightweight cushioned protection. Nearly impossible to rip, tear or puncture

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    Excellent for various packaging applications such as general sealing, holding and attaching, combining small packages, closing poly bags, and small L-clip closures.