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Masking Tapes and Products

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Fine Line Masking Tapes


Crepe Masking Tapes


Flatback Paper Tapes


Hand Masking Products


3M™ Premasking Tape

A 6-mil, medium-high tack protective tape with anti-slip properties. Appications include protecting aggregate and diamond patterned non-skid, gelcoat, paint, wood and counter top surfaces during boat or RV assembly and repair processes. For indoor use only.

3M™ Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape

Foam masking tape in large quantity for OEM's.

Scotch® Masking Tape

Natural colored crepe paper. A general purpose masking tape for holding, bundling, sealing, general paint masking and a vast number of other jobs where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed.

Scotch® Performance Masking Tape

Individually wrapped rolls. Highly conformable, provides the best adhesive transfer resistance, hugs curves, contours and provides outstanding paint lines. Goes on quickly and easily, sticks at a touch and stays put. Perfectly balanced to give outstanding masking results.

Scotch® Premium High Performance Masking Tape

Offers excellent paint mask performance with high solids paints and clean coats used in the transportation industy.

Scotch® Weather Resistant Masking Tape

Scotch® Weather Resistant Masking Tape 225 has a silver coating on the crepe paper backing which reflects ultraviolet light to provide outdoor weather resistance for up to 30 days. This tape should be dry before unmasking.

Scotch-Blue™ Painters Masking Tape for Multi-Surfaces

This tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage for up to 14 days, even in direct sunlight. It is a medium adhesion tape that is ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal.

Tartan™ Utility Masking Tape

Tartan™ General Purpose Masking Tape is designed for non-critical painting and utility applications. It should be removed within four hours and should not be applied to wallpaper, unpainted wallboard or ceiling tile.

Scotch-Blue™ Painter's Tape for Delicate Surfaces


Scotch-Blue™ Painters Tape for Multi-Surfaces


3M™ Trim Masking Tape

The 5 mm firm strip of this tape is slid under the molding. The liner on the remaining adhesive side is then removed and the tape is folded over and adhered to the glass, actually lifting up the molding and allowing paint to flow under it. This tape saves time, labor, and the cost of removing and installing new moldings, plus the removal of paint lines on existing moldings.

3M™ Hand Masker™ Premium Quality Masking Paper


3M™ Outdoor Masking and Stucco Tape

5959 is designed for construction and remodeling. It is for masking and protecting surfaces like Stucco, EIFS, Tile, Brick, Concrete, and masonry systems. 5959 provides clean removal with little or no adhesive residue from most opaque surfaces up to 3 months after application. It offers sunlight UV resistance for up to 3 months without the backing deteriorating or delaminating. Typical physical and performance characteristics include, thickness: 13 mils, adhesion to steel: 55 oz. in. width, tensile strength: 36 lbs. in. width, elongation at break: 21%, clean removal indoors and outdoors for 3 months, temperature use range: Up to 200° F (93 deg) C Color: Red 45 yard length with individual wrap packaging

3M™ Outdoor Masking Poly Tape

5903 is a poly masking tape comprised of heavy duty polyethylene film and synthetic rubber adhesive. It is sunlight /UV weather resistant and removes cleanly for up to a month with little or no adhesive residue on most opaque surfaces without deteriorating or fading of the backing. 5903 can be used during construction, remodeling and maintenance jobs. It is used for window and door masking, outdoor holding and protecting surfaces including stucco, concrete, brick, and a variety of construction surfaces where removability is important. Typical physical and performance characteristics include, thickness: 7 mils, adhesion to steel: 79 oz./in. width, tensile strength: 23 lbs. in./width, elongation at break: 102%, clean removal indoors and ...

Scotch® Steel Gray Masking Paper

A strong, flexible, and pliable masking paper used for paint masking applications. Formulated to resist sealer, solvents, paints, and clear coat systems in most automotive, marine, RV, and truck painting applications

Highland™ Masking Tape

A general purpose masking tape used for holding, sealing non-critical masking and general utility paper tape applications.

Scotch® High Performance Masking Film


3M™ White Masking Paper


Scotch® Bold Brick Masking Paper


3M™ High Temperature Paint Masking Film

Ideal for protecting from paint and solvent bleed-through and offers better protection than masking paper. Can withstand paint bake cycles up to 310 degrees F. (151 degrees C.) for up to one hour. Film has good conformability and is very easy to handle.
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