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 Converters    Flatback Paper Tapes
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Flatback Paper Tapes

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Scotch® Flatback Masking Tape

Tape 250 is ideal for holding, bundling and wrapping applications. It also can be used for straight line paint masking, for splicing and for protecting. The adhesive on this tape is aggressive, and has exceptional holding ability to a wide variety of surfaces. The backing has good solvent resistance for paint masking if a tape of this strength is required. Tape 250 is not recommended for outdoor exposure. Tape may become very difficult to remove. This tape will generally perform satisfactorily on painted metal surfaces at temperatures up to 250° F. (121 ° C.) for about 30 minutes. Tape 250 can be qualified for CTI- ASTM-D6123/D6123M-97(2003). Tape 250 is manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered plant to meet worldwide quality ...

Tartan™ Flat Back Paper Masking Tape

For splicing liner boards, bundling, holding and packaging applications.

Scotch® Flatback Tape


Scotch® Textile Flatback Tape


Scotch® Performance Flatback Tape


Scotch® Printable Flatback Paper Tape


3M™ Paper Tape

A utility purpose paper tape for holding, bundling, sealing, non- critical masking and a vast number of other jobs where pressure sensitive tape is needed. Should not be subjected to outdoor or UV exposure. Typically used at room temperature but will function up to 200 degrees F ( 93° C ).
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