3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners have been used extensively in transportation, electronics, business equipment, machinery, medical and sign and display markets. When the mushroom-shaped stems interlock, tensile strength is high enough to replace mechanical fasteners in many applications, yet you can readily open and close Dual Lock fasteners hundreds of times. High temperature and solvent resistant. Black, polyproplyene reclosable fastener with a VHB™ Tape pressure sensitive 250 stems per square inch

Black, polypropylene reclosable fastener with white acrylic adhesive on a red polyolefin film liner with no silicone release coating, 250 stems per square inch.

Engaged strength varies depending on interacting stem density, options include 250, 400 and 170 stems per sq in.
Unit of Measure

UPC/GTIN Number (14 characters)

N/A 00021200240256 00021200241024 00021200241086 00021200307997 00021200561245 00021200564864 00021200639180 00021200639197 00021200973888

Available Colors

N/A Black

Harmonizing Code

N/A 3926909980 39269099801