3M™ ECATT 9705 is a standard adhesion pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) transfer tape with anisotropic electrical conductivity. Filled with silver particles enabling connectivity through adhesive thickness (the Z-axis) between substrates.
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N/A Tape 9705 electrically connects and adhesively bonds medium pitch flexible circuits with other flexible circuits (flex), rigid printed circuit boards (PCB) or LCD screens. Tape 9705 offers good adhesion to common PCB substrates such as copper, gold, FR-4 epoxy, polyimide and polyester films. Stable electrical performance in any flexible circuit interconnection application may require added mechanical reinforcement (clamping or compressing) in the bond area. Standard Lead Time: 45 Calendar Days

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N/A 3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9705, 108 yds, 1 Per Case 3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9705, 36 yds, 1 Per Case Bulk


N/A This product, including any article that the product is composed of, does not contain at greater than 0.1% by weight a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) substance identified according to Article 59 of REACH. This declaration reflects the substances on the candidate SVHC list, effective July 2019.


N/A This product does not exceed the maximum concentration values (MCVs) for phthalates set under EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS recast/RoHS 2), as amended by EU 2015/863, which applies to finished EEE after July 22, 2019 for Category 1-7, 10-11 products and after July 22, 2021 for Category 8 and 9 products. This means that each of the homogeneous materials within this product does not exceed the MCV of 0.1% (by weight) for each of the following phthalates: DEHP, BBP, DBP, and DIBP.


  • Standard outgassing version of Tape 9703
  • Standard adhesion acrylic adhesive
  • Anisotropic Z-axis electrical conductivity
  • PSA tack properties
  • Thermal curing not required
  • Can be applied as die-cut parts or in roll form
  • Easy to use in assembly operations