Part of the 3M MCS™ (matched component system), the film is specifically developed to provide optimal cutting, weeding, lifting, and transfer features when used with electronic cutting machines. Available in both pre-punched and non-punched roll goods in a variety of widths and colors. The film is dimensionally stable and intended for application over 3M Scotchlite™ reflective sheetingto economically produce street name signs and other single copy traffic control signs. EC film is guaranteed for same number of years as the 3M sheeting to which it is applied. See Product Bulletin 1170 for details.

Non-punched transparent, acrylic, colored film with pressure sensitive adhesive for application over reflective sheeting to produce durable sign backgrounds, copy, or logos. For use in electronic cutting apparatus that require non-punched material.
Unit of Measure

UPC/GTIN Number (14 characters)

N/A 00051138651213

Available Colors

N/A Yellow

Harmonizing Code

N/A 39199050601