Best performing polypropylene film tape to seal heavy or highly recycled corrugated boxes. Synthetic rubber resin adhesive bonds with more than 12,000 minutes adhesion to fiberboard. Tensile strength of 35 lb/inch in machine direction and 70 lb/inch cross direction. Total thickness: 3.1 mil.
Strongest conformable backing and the most consistent pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive system available. Time-proven construction assures superior performance in a wide range of environments and applications. Excellent edge tear and split resistance reduces score line breaking and center seam splitting, even when cartons are handled roughly. Pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive adheres to most surfaces, including over-packed and under-packed cartons and those with high recycled content. Works well on double- and triple-wall corrugated, heavy RSCs with high-value contents.
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N/A 00021200481871 00021200748202 00021200959998 00051115030031 00051135318225 00051135321867 00051135322468 00051135323830 00051135353332 00051135795644 00051135795675 00051135795958

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