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    3M™ Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 27 is a 7 mil woven insulating tape with pressure sensitive rubber thermosetting adhesive. This tape is designed to operate in 600 volt dry applications requiring high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures. The adhesive is specially designed and prepared to provide corrosion protection.

  • Scotch® Glass Cloth Tape

    Scotch® Tape 69 is a premium grade, edge tear resistant, electrical tape. This printable tape has a non corrosive adhesive and offers solvent resistant protection. It is used as a coil cover, an anchor, a banding, a core, a layer and a crossover insulator. The flame retardant tape is suitable for 600V rated, dry location application motors and transformers.

  • 3M™ Extreme Single Coated Sealing Tape

    Our 3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N is a translucent, highly conformable, single-sided, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive tape with a high performance ionomer backing. It is an ideal solution for creating a water tight seal. It conforms over fasteners, seams, joints, holes and gaps to ensure a long-lasting seal on a variety of substrates.

  • 3M™ Greenback Printed Circuit Board Tape

    3M™ Circuit Plating Tape 851 with polyester film and blended silicone and rubber adhesive used for PCB masking and other high temperature applications. Thick adhesive coating.

  • 3M™ Layered Viscoelastic Damping Polymer

    3M™ Ultra-Pure Viscoelastic Damping Polymer 242NR02 is a 0.002" thick adhesive with a dual film liner used for low outgassing and ionics. It has a typical temperature range for good damping of 0-65 ºC, allowing it to offer good thermal performance for long term applications at moderate temperatures.

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    This reflective marking is backed with an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Meets and exceeds NHTSA conspicuity regulations.