3/16 in x 150 ft Elite - Two Stripes/Two Colors (1/16 in Stripe/1/16 in Void/1/16 in Stripe). This pattern can be used to repair an existing stripe or create a new look on any vehicle. It is available in a variety of colors; please see our color card for film samples. Basic construction is a premium cast 2 mil vinyl film coated with an OEM approved adhesive. It is designed for exterior use where robustness and integrity upon repositioning is a requirement. For detailed application instructions, please see Instruction Bulletin 2-13.

Two color stripe pattern for professional use in matching existing stripes or creating original designs on vehicles. Also known as Elite. PN74804, Gold Metallic/Brown Metallic, 3/16 in x 150 ft
Unit of Measure

UPC/GTIN Number (14 characters)

N/A 00051141748047

Available Colors

N/A Gold Metallic/Brown Metallic

Harmonizing Code

N/A 39191020552