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Polyester Tapes

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3M™ Double Coated Polyester Film Tape

Good temperature and solvent resistance. Good adhesion to high surface energy substrates. Used for splicing papers, films and foils.

3M™ Double Coated Polyester Tape

Excellent initial adhesion and high bond to a wide variety of substrates. Polyester carrier for added dimensional stability for aid in removal and easy handling. Ideal for bonding foam.

3M™ General Purpose Polyester Tape

3M ™ General Purpose Polyester Tape 8951 Blue, 2.8 mil (0.07 mm), silicone adhesive.

3M™ General Purpose Polyester Tape Plastic Core

3M™ General Purpose Polyester Tape 8952 Blue (plastic core), 3.5 mil (0.09mm), silicone adhesive

3M™ General Purpose Polyester/Silicone Tape

A high temperature linered tape with a silicone adhesive for use as a flashbreaker tape in composite bonding, as well as in composite bagging operations.

3M™ Low Outgassing High Shear Polyester Tape

A metalized polyester tape with a very low outgassing, high shear, acrylic adhesive.

3M™ Metalized Polyester Tape

3M™ Metalized Polyester Tape 630 Silver, 3.7 mil (0.09 mm) metalized polyester film tape with rubber adhesive.

3M™ Polyester Film Tape

Used for splicing, holding, decorating, color coding and sealing.

3M™ Polyester Protective Tape

The tape's protective properties can help reduce costs due to rework, and improve product quality.

3M™ Polyester Silicone Adhesive Tape

Adheres well to silicone coated surfaces.

3M™ Polyester Splicing Tape

3M™ Polyester Tape 8401, designed for splicing release treated surfaces, masking and applications requiring high temperature resistance.

3M™ Polyester Tape

Silver, 0.9 mil (0.02 mm) metalized polyester tape with a long aging, medium firm acrylic system. Used for industrial splicing, sealing or holding applications.

3M™ Transparent Polyester/Silicone Tape

Transparent, 3.0 mil (.08 mm) high temperature polyester tape with a silicone adhesive for use in composite bonding, splicing and other polyester tape applications requiring transparent tape.

Polyester Tape

3305 25MMX100M PL(40)

Scotch® High Temperature Tear Resistant Polyester Tape

A high temperature, tear resistance polyester tape, designed for sliver resistance and high temperature applications. Use where a sliver resistant application is needed, multiple paint/drying cycles, heavy equipment painting or powder coat painting.

Scotch® Polyester Film Tape

Clear tough film tape for use in outdoor applications or in critical applications demanding extra resistance to abrasion. Use for label protection. Guards information from damage from chemicals and water. Holds tight to cartons and containers

3M™ Polyester Tape

3M™ Polyester Tape 8412, used for many permanent edging and reinforcing types of applications, printing plate, registration hole reinforcement, applications requiring puncture resistance

3M™ Very Low Outgassing Polyester Seal Tape

This product offers a high level of performance, yet is cleanly removable from most substrates even after extended heat treatments.

3M™ Very Low Outgassing Polyester BAF P Film Seal Tape

A metalized polyester tape ideal for the demanding requirements of hard disk drive and related electronics manufacturing. The 2mil metalized polyester backing offers low static and low diffusivity, complimented with a very low outgassing, high shear, acrylic adhesive.
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