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Filament Tapes

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3M™ Highland™ Transparent Tape

Designed for light duty, non-critical packaging applications. Good dispensability.

Scotch® Cellophane Tape

Designed for light duty, non-critical packaging applications.

Scotch® Colored Film Tape

Decorative colored film tape with durable Paklon™ backing and rubber resin adhesive. Moisture and chemical resistant. Used for various packaging applications such as color coding, bag sealing, combining, and attaching.

Scotch® Film Fiber Tape 720 Semi Transparent

Hand tearable, semi-transparent backing with aggressive, high-tack, rubber resin adhesive. Used for general purpose sealing applications, attaching, and L-clip sealing, especially when treated paper overwraps and other hard-to-stick surfaces are used.

Scotch® Heat Shrinkable Film Tape

Clear Paklon™ film tape with rubber resin adhesive. Shrinks after short exposure to 200°F. Designed for a variety of heat shrink applications. Used as a secondary closure, it can provide freshness and product integrity.

Scotch® Premium Cellophane Tape

High-performance, clear cellophane film tape. High-tack rubber resin adhesive system. Excellent adhesion, dispensing and handling characteristics. Temperature resistant.

Scotch® Premium High Tack Film Tape

Clear polyester film with high-tack rubber resin adhesive. Moisture and chemical resistance. Specially formulated to adhere well to many hard-to-stick-to surfaces. Provides a tamper-evident closure. Excellent holding properties and outdoor aging.

Scotch® Premium Transparent Film Tape

Clear Paklon™ film tape with acrylic adhesive. Highly transparent and long aging without yellowing. Excellent for various inner-pack applications. Removes cleanly from fabric without leaving residue. Good dispensing properties.

Scotch® Transparent Film Tape

Clear Scotchpro™ polypropylene backing with an acrylic adhesive. Designed for various light-duty packaging applications, such as attaching, mending, gift wrapping, and holding. Offers good performance over a broad temperature range.

Scotch® Filament Tape

Colored polypropylene backing is attractive on printed boxes and conspicuous for locating tape. Resists abrasion and moisture. Polyester-backed tape is easy to dispense with a 3M dispenser. Specially formulated hot melt adhesive bonds with good initial adhesion and high shear strength. Excellent long-term adhesion for cartons with high recycled content.Applications:- L-clip and C-clip closures on full telescoping boxes where tape must be seen for removal- Color coding- Can be used with the Print Seal™ process. Typical Physical Properties:- Low 3% elongation at break to help keep bundles tight- 70 oz/inch adhesion to steel- Illustrations show through clear colors of the backing- Available in red- Standard widths: 12 and 18 mm

Scotch® Specialty Filament Tape

Thick polypropylene backing is easy to handle and dispense and provides excellent resistance to nicks, abrasion, moisture and chemicals. Specially formulated hot melt adhesive bonds with high initial adhesion, high shear strength, and excellent long-term adhesion on fiberboard, metals, and printed or painted surfaces. Applications:- Bundling heavy or sharp-edged objects such as metal tubing and rods, or lumber- Tabbing end laps of large metal coils; metal coil banding. Can be custom printed using the Print Seal™ process. Typical Physical Properties:- 15% elongation at break- 80 oz/inch adhesion to steel- Bar codes, type and graphics show through translucent backing- Standard widths: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48 mm

Tartan™ Filament Tape

Good nick resistance, abrasion resistance and handling characteristics for utility bundling, reinforcing, and pallet unitizing applications.

High Strength Filament Tapes


3M™ Scotchpro™ Transparent Film Tape


Scotch® Transparent Film Tape

Excellent for various packaging applications such as general sealing, holding and attaching, combining small packages, closing poly bags, and small L-clip closures.
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